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A word from Karen...

Voices of the Sacred Feminine

Conversations to Re-shape Our world

A new book by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate

Join Wisdom's feast...with this four-part anthology, featuring many entries by women and men covering topics on ritual and healing, archetype and ideal, sacred activism, and social change. Voices of the Sacred Feminine is sure to inspire, challenge, and enlighten all who are interested in exploring greater balance, justice and understanding in our world today, from the traditional to the cutting edge. Each contribution may be seen as its own unique 'beat' of the frame drum, including a chapter in memory of the late Layne Redmond's musical legacy,whose story is featured in this volume's final section. Providing a rich banquet for our contemporary times, this volume is highly recommended.
- Karen Ralls, Phd, Oxford historian and author

Read what scholars and practitioners have to say about Voices of the Sacred Feminine

This is a vital work to bring the indispensable feminine co-creator into the field of Conscious Evolution.

Barbara Marx Hubbard -
author, visionary, Foundation for Conscious Evolution


A wonderful book by a wonderful woman, sounding a sacred roar that rises from the rich compendium of voices within, all recovering and transmitting age-old knowledge of the Sacred Feminine - knowledge that has been hidden and denied us for far too long.

Anne Baring -
Beloved Foremother and co-author of The Myth of the Goddess and author of The Dream of the Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul

This is a huge collection of essays and interviews exploring the role of the sacred feminine. There’s a great diversity of voices, opinions, ideas and energy – and in this it is an incredibly rich assemblage. The odds are you won’t agree perfectly with everything, but learning about how to roll with that is one of the joys of becoming less competitive-patriarchal in the first place. Without hierarchy and the desire for power over other people, we have a lot more room to be ok with difference.

Rooted as it is in American culture and politics, this is a book that has most to offer to American readers. I would say absolutely, this is not just a book for women. There are many male contributors, and it is an expression of feminism as equality, rather than the man-bashing portrayal that the media tends to prefer. One of the many things this book does is explore why patriarchy is bad for most men, too, and what we might collectively do about that.

I found a great deal to chew on, and a lot of authors I hope to read further, and a lot of subjects I just do not know enough about (yet) so if issues of feminism in relation to Paganism and spirituality are not familiar territory, if you don’t know where to start in terms of considering why we might need Goddess, and what the absence of Goddess does to a culture, this is a fantastic jumping off point.

The scale here is almost overwhelming, but it doesn’t do a person any harm to be overwhelmed once in a while.

Nimue Brown -
Pagan Dawn, Goodreads, Amazon.

"Voices of the Sacred Feminine” is an excellent collection of articles, written by numerous luminaries, New Age ministers and scholars of both genders, interspersed with dialogues excerpted from interviews conducted on “Voices of the Sacred Feminine Radio,” a show hosted by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate, the editor of this volume.

The articles vary in focus from topics such as Goddesses (Kali-Ma, Sekhmet,Persep hone, and the Virgin Mary), to feminine spirituality as an antidote to terrorism, to women in politics, women in positions of power, and the mysteries of menstruation and the female orgasm. I especially appreciated the article which points out the misogynistic tendencies of the Republican Party! And it was hard to miss the poignant irony inherent in the piece by a former Catholic priest, who was defrocked by the Church for advocating women in the priesthood! Yes, in so many ways, this world of ours is still in the Dark Ages, isn’t it.

I also loved the book’s opening quote, a gem from Arundhati Roy: “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” The focus throughout the book is on discovering, defining and strengthening the Divine Feminine in our individual and planetary consciousness, so that we may blossom the world into equality, compassion, love and spiritual wisdom. Many contributors point out the problems created by the global patriarchic culture: wars, staggering wealth inequality, racism, violence, greed, and the destruction of our planet’s ecosystems. This book is therefore an urgent, many-voiced call for planetary healing, through the resurgence of all that is female, holistic, balanced and nurturing – and a beacon to help each of us to find our innate spiritual power, the God/Goddess within, our own “Sacred Roar.”

The book’s first article features a quote from Amma, the spiritual leader and outstanding humanitarian with whom I have spent many years: “Women are the power and the very foundation of our existence in the world. When women lose touch with their real selves, the harmony of the world ceases to exist, and destruction sets in. It is therefore crucial that women everywhere make every effort to rediscover their fundamental nature, for only then can we save this world.” Karen Tate has given us a message of hope in a world on the brink of despair, reminding us that we all can and must use our focused energy to bring in a new era of equality, harmony and peace on Earth. And it is up to us to make it happen. As she affirms in the book’s Conclusion, “As we will it, so it shall be.” Thank you, Karen Tate!

Ram Das Batchelder -
author of “Rising in Love: My Wild and Crazy Ride to Here and Now, with Amma, the Hugging Saint”

Mythology drives culture and hence politics and the economy, so in order to change politics and economics, we have to change the mythology. That is exactly what Karen Tate has been doing for nearly a decade now with her radio show Voices of the Sacred Feminine. Her new book, also titled Voices of the Sacred Feminine, is an anthology that collects many powerful thoughts about Goddess spirituality as a tool for implementing that change on a personal, community and world level. Some of the pieces are essays written for this collection and some are transcripts of interviews from the radio show; all offer valuable insights into ways we can shift the current paradigm toward a more balanced, compassionate one.

Voices of the Sacred Feminine is not a polemic – though of course, people steeped in the limited monotheistic patriarchal worldview may view it as such – but an encouragement to move forward, evolve, and heal, both within ourselves and in our communities at large. The wide variety of women and, yes, men who contributed their thoughts to this collection provide us with a window into Goddess spirituality in its great diversity as well as its underlying unity. In these pages you will find righteous anger, certainly, but also compassion, inclusion, and the stubborn fearlessness that has allowed women to survive and even occasionally thrive throughout the centuries of male domination. It is these qualities that drive us forward as we work to change the world.

The book is divided into several sections based on several overarching topics. The first section, which addresses the existence of the Sacred Feminine and its (Her) manifestation in the world, gives us glimpses into divine forces from Mary Magdalene to Lady Liberty. These essays and interviews remind us that the Goddess is always relevant in every day and time and that to leave Her out is to risk dangerous imbalance, as we have seen for so long in worldwide society. The second section offers a variety of journeys into healing through opening ourselves to the Goddess in Her many guises. Whether it’s a formal ritual, a meditative reading, or a thought-provoking essay about why the Goddess should be important to men, each piece suggests a way toward the healing that is necessary if we are to put ourselves, and our world, back together again. The third section focuses on the values and paradigms that Goddess spirituality offers to the realms of politics and business. How wonderful it would be if the cooperative, egalitarian spirit of the Sacred Feminine infected our governments and companies! But that won’t happen on its own; we have to work for it. And the fifth section shows us exactly how we can achieve that goal. Sacred activism is a concept that can help us bridge the gap between personal spirituality and doing good in the world.

The Goddess lives in all of us and She empowers us to speak out against the current, damaging paradigm. But instead of just complaining, we must offer a replacement, a new model. Voices of the Sacred Feminine addresses exactly this issue, this need to find a better way and to take action to implement it in the world. As Ms. Tate so perceptively comments, we must take on the taboo subjects of sex, religion, power and politics if we are to change them, and with the Goddess at our side, I believe we will ultimately succeed.

Laura Perry -
Goodreads, Facebook, Amazon

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