Internet Radio Show with Karen Tate

What Karen's peers are saying...

Karen's dedication and passion for writing, teaching and hosting her long-running radio show, Voices of the Sacred Feminine is evident in the quality of her books and interviews.  I have been interviewed by Karen on several occasions and find her skill comparable to top journalists in the field. I greatly enjoyed talking with her
 - Riane Eisler, scholar, author, visionary, activist, founder of The Center for Partnership Studies

Karen Tate has interviewed me several times on her show. I always enjoyed the experience and put it right up there with the lively intellectual and political exchanges I've had on shows on NPR with hosts including Terry Gross and with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, where I've been a frequent commentator. Karen brings consistent credible quality to her work, right up there with the best.
- Frank Schaeffer, NY Times best selling author of  Crazy For God

For many years, Karen Tate has been working to enlighten women and improve their lot.  All women should be forever grateful for her efforts.
- Barbara Walker, author, activist, Women Making Herstory Recipient/NOW

Karen Tate brings vast experience and wisdom to her luminous program, Voices of the Sacred Femine.  She is a superb interviewer and has the rare ability to evoke the deeper knowing of her guests. She herself is a profound speaker for the emerging Sacred Feminine.
- Jean Houston, scholar, lecturer, author, philosopher

Karen Tate has been on a sacred mission to bring female, “feminine” and Goddess-based energy into the world.Women are entering the clergy and reawakening buried, ancient, and pagan longings for the Sacred Feminine and Karen Tate’s work embodies this radiant journey. She was an excellent and soulful interviewer and is capable of educating and bringing pleasure to a large number of listeners and followers.
- Dr. Phyllis Chesler,
author of Women and Madness, Woman's Inhumanity to Woman, and Co-Founder of the Assn. for Women in Psychology and the National Women's Health Network

Our paths have crossed at several public events centered around the role of the Goddess in history and in modern culture, where Karen's passion, knowledge, and empathy make her a popular public speaker. I cannot recommend her highly enough - Karen Tate is a marvelous manifestation of what Joseph Campbell intends when he advises us to "Follow your bliss."
- Stephen Gerringer, Joseph Campbell Foundation

Karen Tate has a long track record of intelligent, thoughtful writing, speaking and interviewing on issues involving women and spirit.  She is widely respected in her community.
- Starhawk, author, activist, recipient of 100 Most Influential Living People award

Articulate, well informed, and highly credible, Karen Tate can hold her own with the best journalists in the business.   Her authenticity, passion and ability to delve into delicate or controversial subjects have earned her the respect of her colleagues, readers and listeners.
 - Rev. Patrick McCollum, Executive Director, Children of the Earth UN NGO

Karen Tate is a very knowledgeable interviewer, and she does her homework. She knew my work and asked intelligent questions. She is a very generous host and gave me lots of time to discuss my research and views on The Goddess.
- Cristina Biaggi, PhD, author, activist, artist

The Temple is so grateful to Rev. Karen for her consistent devotion to goddess and to women's community.  Her radio show, Voices of the Sacred Feminine has important guests from all over the world, educating us on goddess and women's spirituality.  Karen is a treasure to this community.  Come and be in the space of her excellent and interesting scholarship.  Educate yourself and feel empowered and stronger in your knowing of female truth.
- Rev. Ava Park, author, activist, Foundress of The Goddess Temple of Orange County

Karen Tate has stepped out from being an authoress addressing Goddess community issues into being an illuminator of women's global awareness, empowerment and critical thinking through her classes, seminars and her extensive interviews and discussions with a wide variety today's great minds, healers and spiritual explorers.
- Melody Friend, Author, Motivational Speaker, Proprietress

I can recommend Ms. Tate as a lecturer for a multitude of topics from religious studies to global travel. She is personable and extremely knowledgeable in a variety of international topics and locations. I would gladly welcome her again to my classroom.
 - Prof. Maria Teresa Fiumerodo, Anthropology, Ventura College

Karen Tate is a unique combination of scholar and travel guide...a combination that is highly needed...yet rare.When Karen presented her work at CIIS her audience was the challenging one of doctoral students in Women’s Spirituality. She was received very well. Not only was her scholarship excellent, she conveyed with enthusiasm and awareness of the responsibilities of tourism, the significance of democratizing academic knowledge in a world that is in dire need if wisdom.
- Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy and Religion, CIIS, SFO

Karen Tate’s visual presentation was remarkable. Her talk was engaging, and her research and scholarship were impressive. She fielded questions of all manner from the audience with skill.
- Dr. Anne Key

Karen Tate is a well-known lecturer and presenter on the local speaking circuit. Tate’s knowledge, coupled with her passion for her subjects make her a valuable speaker and powerful advocate for equity and justice in the world today. By bringing us the Divine Feminine of our past, she helps point us toward a better future.
- Rayna Hamre, OCUUC Chair, Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church

Karen’s qualities captivate all of her audience (professional, lay person and academic) with narrative, slides and lively dialogue with guests. Furthermore, she is one of the most responsible people to her research and professionalism that I have ever known. I highly recommend her for any speaking engagement.
- Jayne DeMente, MA WSE, Founder & Director, Women’s Heritage Project

Tate’s presentation was quite remarkable. That you could cover so much historical and religious ground in the time you had for the presentation. We learned much and appreciated your clarity and insights.
- Kenneth McClain, Sepulveda Unitarian-Universalist Society

It is with great pleasure that I write to recommend Karen Tate as a speaker. Ms. Tate’s talk at Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on “Rebirthing Goddess On Planet Earth: Is She Hope for the Future?” was very well received. Ms. Tate was well prepared, of course, with visual aids and a fine talk, but she also brought a quality of presence, knowledge, and enthusiasm that elevated the experience to one of high engagement for those present.
- Rev. Dr. Beth A. Johnson, Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Karen Tate is a treasure trove of “Herstory”, knowledge and wisdom which she has acquired from her exhaustive research and extensive travels. It was an honor and privilege to host her and share in the rich revelations she has to offer. She is professional, approachable and gracious, and she is a delightful woman to work with.
- Amy Peck, M.A., Director & Founder of The Goddess Studio

It is my great pleasure to most heartily recommend Rev. Karen Tate as a most talented speaker, organizer, presenter, researcher and writer in the areas of women’s and goddess spirituality, history, mythology, ceremony and travel. As a Founder and Director of the Temple and a businesswoman of three decades here in Orange County, I am pleased and privileged to count Rev. Karen Tate as a valued colleague and tremendous asset to the international spiritual community.
- Rev. Ava Park, Director & Founder, The Goddess Temple of Orange County

The presentation “Sacred Places of female Divinities” was of high quality and well received by an enthusiastic audience. It was both informative and well orchestrated from its commencement to its conclusion. I plan to have Ms. Tate here again as soon as possible!
- Robert Bonnell, President, Long Beach Theosophical Society

Karen Tate is one of the most prolific writers, bloggers, podcasters and speakers in the Goddessphere. Her tireless devotion to bring Goddess into mass consciousness and pop culture has been an inspiration to women of all generations. More than just a talented and thorough scholar of Goddess Spirituality, Karen brings the concepts out of the classroom and into the real world of politics, ecology, business and travel. She presented her work at 3 Gaia Festivals from 2007-2010 and always made a lasting and positive impression on the attendees.
- Kris Oster, Ph.D., Co-Founder Gaia Festival and Mythic Rhythm