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Sex, Power & Politics of the Sacred Feminine


"The eternal feminine draws us up."
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe 1749-1832

Walking An Ancient Path has been named an award finalist in the USA National  Best Books of 2008 Book Awards in the spirituality category.  For recent reviews, go to the Media Page.

Attention Meeting Planners. Karen is available to speak at your Conferences, Seminars, Break-outs Workshops, and Conventions.  Fees are negotiable. Special rates for non-profit groups.

Ongoing Appearances/Events 2014

Every Wednesday or Thursday in 2014
Voices of the Sacred Feminine Internet Radio Program --- Hostess: Karen Tate
Listen live at 6PM Pacific time or from the Archives at your convenience.  Go to
http://www.karentate.com/Tate/radio_show.html  for additional information on how to log on.

Radio Interviews
If Karen is not appearing in your area, check out the numerous interviews from her Media Page for information on sacred places, Goddess, and the resurging interest in the Feminine Consciousness.

Upcoming Events 2015

Karen is usually in attendance at the monthly Sunday services (4th Sunday of the month) at the Goddess Temple of Orange County if you would like to meet her. >

January 17, 2pm - Reawakening Our Earliest Sacred Stories
Soul Centered Shoppe and Event Center, Ojai, CA

Most of us have come to realize patriarchy - rule by a male-dominated society revering solely a male God - is not working for Mother Earth or most of the people on the planet. Despite the ubiquitous signs, symbols, and artifacts the Great She has been swept beneath the rug, Her worship dismissed, Her stories distorted, leaving Goddess either forgotten, demonized or spousified. How do we counter beliefs that there is no option but the authoritarian father? How does society go about making a course correction? How do ideas that permeate every level of society from womb to tomb, boardroom to bedroom, voting booth to the workplace shift into a more fair, equal, and just world of partnership, sharing, caring and peace? How might the world look had humankindís earliest sacred stories not been tossed into the trash heap of history? If we can remember, if we can vision it, if we can restore ancient truths, if we can dare to demand a new normal and find our sacred roar, then we can manifest it. So letís get busy!

February 8, - Goddess Day at the Grove
Please join us for a fantastic day with acclaimed Goddess Author Karen Tate; author of " Voices of the Sacred Feminine" " Goddess Calling" as she talks about her journey as a writer, radio show host and Priestess.  Karen will discuss making Goddess Spirituality relevant in the world today so we might have a better world. Other festivities for the day include a goddess ritual in the Grove circle and readings by Lady Brenda and Georgia. Cost: $40 per person, light refreshments, $35 in advance by Jan 15th.  Karen's books available for purchase and signed by the author.

Sacred Tour of Goddess Sites of Turkey

On the Trail of the Great Goddess - departing May 23 for 16 days:led by Rev. Karen Tate and Dr. James Rietveld. This tour of a lifetime will delight history buffs and Goddess advocates alike.
Click here for tour details.

September 10-13 Goddess Spirit Rising Conference
Simi Valley, CA

October 9-12, 2015 Fellowship of Isis/Isis Oasis Convocation
Geyserville, CA

October 15-19  Parliament of World Religions
Salt Lake City, UT

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