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Internet Radio Show
with Karen Tate


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January 7
Matthew Fox
Former Dominican Priest - Author of The Hidden Spirituality of Men
Download .MP3
January 14
Dale Allan
Thinking With Your Right Brain
Download .MP3
January 19
Zohara Hieronimous
Kabbalistic Teachings of the Female Prophets
Download .MP3
January 24
Pastor Stacy Boorn
HerChurch in San Francisco
Download .MP3
January 28
Prof. Chiavola Birnbaum
Ancient Mothers & New Treatments/Cures for Breast Cancer
Download .MP3
February 4
Jann Aldredge-Clanton
Restoring Sophia Within the Church
Download .MP3
February 11 -
My Talk "Relevance of the Sacred Feminine: Deity, Archetype & Ideal - Building Bridges and Finding Common Ground" and Riane Eisler on the Economics of the Sacred Feminine
Download .MP3
February 18 -
Miranda Shaw, Phd
Kumari Goddess of Nepal
Download .MP3
February 25 -
Beth Wilson
Author of He's Just No Good For You
Download .MP3
MARCH 2009
March 4
DeAnna L'am
The Red Web Foundation -  Part I of IV - Positive Societal View of Women's Bodies & Menses
Download .MP3
March 11
Lisa Raphael
Becoming One - Transformational
Holistic Healer and Spiritual Mentor
Download .MP3
March 18
Grandmother Agnes of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers
Download .MP3
March 25
Margaret Kushara
Women's Sacred Source Origins
Program - Traditions of Movement, Dance, Song and Ceremony
Download .MP3
APRIL 2009
April 1
Ashley Ross
The Red Web Foundation, Part II of IV,  Positive Views of  Women's Bodies & Menses
Download .MP3
April 8
Melody Friend
Discussing Volunteering in Service to Goddess
Download .MP3
April 15
Fr. Roy Bourgeois
Advocate for Women's Ordination
Download .MP3
April 22
Lauren Thyme
Earth Day Special: Permaculture Farming
Download .MP3
April 29
Marcia Mastroddi
Lady Diana, Queen of Heart as the Sacred Feminine
Download .MP3
MAY 2009

May 6
Sandra Pope
Author of Growing Up Without Goddess - A Journey through Sexual Abuse to the Sacred Embrace of Mary Magdalene

Download .MP3
May 13
Francesca Gentile
Relationship Diva Discussing COUGAR-LUSCIOUS; Embrace the Shamanic Totem of Women's Power and Be Entrancing
Download .MP3
May 20
Marguerite Rigoglioso
Author of The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece
Download .MP3
May 27
Download .MP3
JUNE 2009
June 3
Pamela Chubbuck
from the Red Web Foundation
Download .MP3
June 10
Lauren Thyme
discussing her new book on Egypt and the Goddess Hathor
Download .MP3
June 17
Joshua Pottere
Teaching Children to Use Goddess Archetypes
Download .MP3
June 24
Dagonet Dewr
Author of Sacred Paths for Modern Men
Download .MP3
JULY 2009
July 1
David Hillman
Author of The Chemical Muse: Drug Use and the Roots of Western Civilization discussing drug use in the Ancient World
Download .MP3
July 8
Le’ema Kathleen Graham
Snake Yoga: Sacred Feminine Wisdom
Download .MP3
July 15
Kami McBride
Author of 105 Ways to Celebrate Menstruatioin
Download .MP3
July 22
Normandi Ellis
Download .MP3
July 29
Chandra Alexandre
Priestessing Today
Download .MP3

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