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January 6
Dr. James Rietveld
There's been a lot of disinformation and fear mongering out there regarding Islam and Muslims. Resist the temptation to buy into it. Tonight's show, Islam - Fact vs Fiction will delve into the truths of what Muslims are taught and believe, who Muhammad and his influential wife actually were and what he taught.

January 14
Dr. James Rietveld
Author, archaeologist and history professor, Dr. James Rietveld, author of Artemis of Ephesus: Magic, Mystery & Her Sacred Landscape will chat with us tonight on the topic: Beyond Gimbutas - Hard Facts for Goddess Worship.
January 21
Molly Remer
Molly chats with Karen about the herstory of Womanrunes, created by Shekhinah Mountainwater; how to use them and why they're special or distinct from other oracle or divination systems.
January 28
Normandi Ellis
Rev. Normandi Ellis of the Fellowship of Isis returns to the show to discuss her upcoming trip to Egypt and her latest book, The Union of Isis and Thoth.

February 3
Ira Rechtshaffer
A psychotherapist for 25 years, integrating spiritual vision with psychological process in an effort to return "soul" to the helping relationship, what better person to chat with us about the relationship between mindfulness and madness. Ira will will share how money, food and sex factor into mindfulness and explain the "wisdom of no escape"..
February 11
Tom Hatsis & Starhawk
Tom Hatsis, historian of witchcraft, magic, Western religions, contemporary psychedelia and medieval pharmacopia discusses with us tonight how the "the Entheogenic Sacred Feminine was demonized as the infamous "witches' ointment".

Crossing the threshold into the second half of the show, Starhawk is here with us to discuss her newest book, City of Refuge, sequel to Fifth Sacred Thing!
February 17
Gail Carruthers & Nadine Newquist
February 24
Duane Stjernholm & Tim Ward
Duane Stjernholm of the United Earth Ecclesia tells us about the founding and work of UEE and his mission to change the predominant mind set of humans from a mindset of competition to one of cooperation and collaboration and how he proposes to accomplish that goal. He'll tell us about some of the processes he's developed called Lenergy and Poll-itical Networking for Collective Consensus. Duane holds a B.S. degree in Psychology, has spent years in the Peace Corps in the Philippines working in Rice Irrigation Water Management...
MARCH 2016
March 2
Shaunna Aura Knight
Shauna Aura Knight, co-editor of Pagan Leadership discusses the new anthology out exploring Pagan leadership in paganism and polytheism. Getting beyong failed groups and the scorn that's often associated with this topic, Shauna discusses the need for a healthy, ethical community and leaders. Many of us know first-hand what doesn't work so we won't waste time there, instead focusing on what DOES work!...
March 9
Isabella Price
Isabella Price, international speaker, educator and author of Sacred Love: Manifestations of the Goddess, which is a part of the broader book series, "One Truth, Many Paths" on unitive spirituality discusses her newest book. We'll delve into the empowering messages and inspiration that can be drawn from Goddess so humanity might evolve toward higher awareness, and what in particular the dark-skinned Mother Goddesses teach us at this time of great change. We'll discuss the role models of the Divine Feminine in Christianity and how they compare to examples of other cultures...
March 23
Asra Nomani
Asra Q. Nomani, former reporter for the Wall Street Journal for 15 years, writer, thinker and public speaker on issues of women's rights and religious extremism in Islam will discuss her book Standing Alone, An American Woman's Struggle for the Soul of Islam. Asra will dispel the notion feminism and Islam are at odds, explaining what we're missing when it comes to Islam and feminism and share her manifesto for the rights of Muslim women...

APRIL 2015
April 6
Pegi Eyers
Author and Cultural Visionary, Pegi Eyers, working toward the decolonization process in herself and others has written Ancient Spirit Rising in an attempt to promote interconnection with Earth Communities and recovery of authentic ancestral wisdom and traditions for all people. We'll discuss how we can reconstruct old/new earth-centered societies using the timeless values of indigenous knowledge as our model to weave analysis, evocation and promptings of the heart...
April 13
Deborah Cox & Lans Smith
At the top of the hour Deborah Cox discusses "Wife Material - Misbehavior to ... In the second half of the show, Evans Lansing Smith is with us to discuss, ...and Mystery of Arthurian Myth by Joseph Campbell, which Lans edited.
April 20
Gloria Amendola
Gloria Amendola returns to the show after a being away a long time to discuss the Divine Feminine Encoded. We'll delve into how the Divine...
April 27 - Patricia Iolana
MAY 2016
  • 4th - Suzanne Taylor
  • 11th - Brenda McCoy
  • 18th - Jez Hughes
JUNE 2016
  • 1st - Lauren Lipton
  • 8th - Heide Abendroth
  • 22nd - Michael Haupt
  • 29th - Robert McChesney
JULY 2016
  • 13th - Lauren Thyme
  • 20th - Charissa Iskiwitch & Karen Moon
  • 27th - Gloria Vlahos
  • 3rd - Robert Cantow
  • 10th - Wendilynn Emery
  • 17th - Ava Park
  • 24th - Tom Evans
  • 31st - Pat Allen
  • 7th - Heide Gottner Abendroth
  • 14th - Genevieve Vaughn
  • 21th - David Hillman
  • 28th - Laura Cortner & Bob Hieronimus
  • 5th - Laura Perry & Starhawk
  • 12th - Lasara Allen
  • 26th - Laura Eisenhower and Laura Shannon
  • 2nd - Kris Steinnes
  • 9th - Jack Dempsey
  • 16th - Barbara Wilder
  • 30th - Carol Christ & Judith Plaskow

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